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RUM Group specializes in Google AdWords for E-commerce, delivering high-quality Google Shopping Campaigns to clients across a range of industries. RUM Group e-commerce clients vary in size from 2-3 person businesses to world-leading highly profitable multi staffed companies.
With paid search and organic optimization becoming increasingly complicated and challenging, staying fully up to date with the latest developments and continuously improving sound management strategies are an essential combination. RUM Group has delivered successful e-commerce solutions for many years.

Clients benefit from RUMs Group e-commerce strategies developed over the last decade. Clients also gain a considerable advantage over competitors through a substantial investment in-house software. Automated solutions are used very effectively in the right way. Where people could make mistakes or where it would be necessary to work 24/7 to achieve the same results. For example, we monitor and optimize bidding 24/7 based on conversion rates, geographic, demographic, device, hour of the week and Analytics data. These proven processes maximize sales from client budgets.
The most common problems we deal with for clients are:
• Poorly managed PPC or SEO campaigns
• Website issues such as usability, image quality, slow download speeds
• High competition in the industry
• Tight profit margins
• Lack of, or poor reviews
• Ineffective social media strategies

Many agencies don't build or really don't understand websites. Some agencies only build websites but might attempt to provide services without the required skills nor the resources. RUM Group has the tools, the experience and the commitment to continually deliver end-to-end solutions of the highest standard. RUMs Group in-house specialists offer our 20 years of developed strategies, and our skills in optimizing websites for peak performance of your companies' campaign. Our wealth of knowledge in driving quality traffic through Google Shopping and other channels, positions your business is in safe hands.
How Do I Get a Price for e-Commerce Services?
To arrange a free initial discussion about Google Shopping, SEO strategies or website development in WordPress, Magento, Shopify or Squarespace please complete our contact form or call us now on +1 818 800 60 68.
RUM Group is also often providing white label services to other agencies lacking e-commerce marketing capabilities, RUM Group is also experienced in fashion, retail, luxury brands, technical products, engineering software. Directly or indirectly, we work with unique and innovative B2B and B2C forms of business transacting companies across the spectrum.