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Why Choose RUM Group for Google AdWords Management?
RUM Group consultants have managed AdWords client accounts for many years for a large variety of businesses. Our portfolio includes local, national and international firms, specialist eCommerce websites, software houses, artists, car sales, finance, retailers, health services, charities, leading recruitment agencies and many more in all forms of industries.
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RUM Group aim of our AdWords Management service is to substantially increase the return of your investment based on your advertising spend. We have provided services, successfully, to businesses, ensuring rapid expansion which have a direct result in an improvement of profits.
• The most common problems faced by clients
• Not achieving desired return on investment
• Shortage of in-house AdWords experience
• Shortage of staff availability and, or time

The RUM Group service offered of Managing your AdWords and other paid search services, address the above issues and ensures that RUM Group maintain long and successful relationships with our clients.
Because of our established, in-depth business knowledge, we often correctly predict outcomes with reasonable certainty. Tis being said, our aim is always ensuring a stable long-term partnership with our customers, especially where the customer is committed to continually grow, with the desire to possibly dominate a market segment. After our initial discussions, with our customer, we would have a clearer understanding of the success of our service. In a situation where we believe that our service would not be beneficial, we advise accordingly.

In this situation, where products or services are not suited for Google AdWords we will advise, and probably recommend alternative, positive strategies
How Do I Get a Price for AdWords Management?
To arrange an initial discussion at no cost to you please complete the Quick Enquiry form at the top of this page or call us on +1 818 800 60 68.
Search engines are constantly engineering paid and organic search to extract ever increasing investments from clients. This makes managing AdWords successfully only possible for specialist agencies with the time, experience and skills. At RUM Group we use these three commodities to maximum effect to help your business perform at its best.
Zero Risk AdWords Management Package
Our confidence, after or initial RUM Group no risk service – Zero Risk – is reflected in our offer to our clients of a "no-risk" package which includes:
• Free initial account review consultation
• Detailed website advice & audits
• 30-day money back guarantee (our fee)
• Commitment only to the end of the current month
• Full access to your AdWords account
• You pay Google directly
• Monthly reporting to your requirements
• Complete transparency in all we do
• No additional 'set-up costs' for most businesses
• Up to $150 Google Partner voucher

If you read our latest case studies, you will see that we can make substantial improvements to results in very short periods of engagement of or services

The data from our clients currently using AdWords shows a typical 30-40% increase in ROI within 3-6 months. Through continuous optimization, and furthering the improvement of results, we guide and assist you achieving your business objectives.
Ten Benefits of RUM Group AdWords Management
1. Over a decade of honing our AdWords techniques
2. Cutting-edge professional software for daily management, analysis and optimization
3. Knowledge of AdWords features that you should use & those to avoid
4. Highly trained PPC management consultants with up-to-date knowledge
5. Experts in Mobile, Google Display Network, and Retargeting
6. Verified by Google as a registered partner
7. Efforts purely aim to help you achieve your business goals
8. Prioritize understanding of your products & services
9. We value your opinion and will listen to your needs and concerns
10. Your business or charity is treated like it's our own
What Can AdWords Management Do for Me?
Continuous optimizing of PPC management skills over the years has enabled us to develop professional and effective principles to effectively manage marketing campaigns. Our clients directly benefit from effective skills and our valuable intellectual property we have accumulated. With our experience and our Google Partner status, continual drive for excellence means we are experts that you can place your trust in.

For further information about using AdWords for eCommerce please visit our AdWords for eCommerce page. For further detailed information on how we set up Google Shopping visit our Google Shopping campaigns.
Typical AdWords Management Challenges